Custom Cabinetry
Creating the Ultimate Blend of Elegance and Functionality



Finish: Colonial Sable

For a look of elegance and luxury, cherry cabinets are unmatched.
This solid hardwood possesses rich hues that vary from light red
to deep redish brown.
Known for its fine and tight grain patterns, cherry will take stain
exceptionally well and will darken over time with exposure to light.



Finish: Natural Caramel

The clean simplicity of maple doors make them the ideal choice
for either contemporary and traditional décor.
An exceptionally strong and heavy wood, maple is characterized
by its white or creamy color.
Maple doors provide a smooth, radiant look when finished
with light stain.



Finish: Wash Cherry Brown

This extremely popular hardwood features a unique blend of strenth
and enduring beauty.
Wood patterns will vary, as will the colors, ranging from warm,
soft browns to near white.
The variety of grains and the proper stain results in an eye-pleasing
color graduation throughout the cabinet.

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