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Crystal White No Glaze

What is MDF and what are its advantages?
MDF (medium density fiberboard) is an engineered wood product made from recycled
and recovered wood fiber.
MDF doors are - more environmentally friendly than wood products.
- more stable and durable than wood doors
- preffered material for painted door application due to its advantege
- smoother surface for painting than natural wood
- more affordable than wood doors

Why Would You Use MDF?
Unlike wood, MDF has no grain to it. Which means you can get a flawless finish with
minimal effort. MDF is more stable, and less likely to warp than wood products.
Much shorter turn around time on getting your doors to you. Quicker turn around
plus lower cost equals more money in your pocket. No filling of nail holes or having
to caulk the panels of the doors. There is no limit in choosing a style for your MDF doors.
All the offer from wood doors is available for MDF doors also.
The colour pallet for MDF doors is very wide but you have to consider choosing
a solid colour due to grain free surface of MDF.

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