Custom Cabinetry
Creating the Ultimate Blend of Elegance and Functionality



Kitchens are like anything else that you purchase: the costs are entirely dependent on the price of the materials chosen and the complexity of the job. An industry rule of thumb is to consider 10-20% of the house's market value when estimating a kitchen remodel. It is good to keep in mind that a remodeled kitchen is an investment that will increase the value of your home. We offer cabinetry at many different price levels to fit your budget and give you the best design within that budget.


There are many features that you can choose from to make your kitchen not only beautiful but also functional.


Pull-out shelves

Usually used for corner cabinet solutions, there are different systems available:

- Lazy Susan round or half moon
- Magic corner
- Le Mans systems (as you can see in the image on the right)


Pull-out pantries

You can choose between the wired shelving system (as per picture on the left), or any personalized system as per your needs. All you have to do is talk with our representative about different solutions.


Pot drawers

A very convenient way to keep your pots organized. There are a variety of dividers which allow you to organize you drawers however you desire.


Door lift systems

New trend in kitchen wall cabinetry. Offers a totally unobstructed view and easy access to upper storage. The mechanism can be stopped at the desired height allowing easy reach when closing.


Pull-out spice rack

Easy access and clean storage place for all the favorite spices.


Magic Corners

Is probably the most useful system for the corner base cabinets. Offers the maximum use of the corner cabinet space, while having all the things handy.


Pull-out waste bins

The best way to manage the waste in your kitchen: easy access and maintenance, with the opportunity to save time sorting the waste as it arise.


Spice drawers

If you consider having the spices handy and organized anytime, probably this is the best choice.


Utensil drawers

A very organized way to store your utensils in the kitchen. In the picture on the right you can see a new and sophisticated way to use the corner space in the base cabinetry.

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