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A popular countertop choice because of its appearance and durability, granite is a siliceous stone made from an extremely hard volcanic rock.
It is available in a range of colors and is often flecked with bits of minerals that produce a salt-and-pepper look.
There are two types: consistent, which has the same pattern throughout, and variegated, which has veins.

Baltic Brown


Granite is a stone product so it is a very durable material.


Granite prices vary depending on quality and location. In competitive markets one can purchse granite countertops for as low as $50 per square foot installed. Higher end granite can cost as much as $300 per square foot.


Granite is a porous material so it does require annual sealing to ensure protection.


Granite is not a green material as it is acquired through large mines around the world. Once removed from the earth it cannot be replaced so it has a very low renewable factor. Also because of granites hardness it requires considerable amounts of energy to cut and finish.

How to clean

Dust once or twice a week with a soft cloth, and wipe periodically with a cloth dampened in warm water and a bit of pH-neutral cleaner formulated for stone (available from stone suppliers).

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